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Raw Feeding

From the shape of their jaws and teeth to the workings of their digestive systems, dogs and cats have evolved over millions of years to be meat-eaters. 

Our clinical experience has taught us that our patients are much more likely to remain healthy when fed a meat-based diet from the time they are weaned off their mother’s milk. We have also learned that many of the ‘modern ailments such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, allergies, skin disease, chronic diarrhoea, vomiting, halitosis, arthritis, epilepsy and bladder problems are reversible or at least more manageable on meat-based diets.

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Benefits of a meat-based diet

Studies consistently show the benefits of feeding meat-based food to dogs and cats:

  • Improved coat quality and energy levels.
  • Improved oral hygiene and gut health.
  • Improved immune function and resistance to cancer.
  • Much improved management and control of diabetes, epilepsy, bladder stones and bladder disease.
  • Reduced allergies and immune-mediated diseases.
  • Effortless weight management.
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How to feed raw safely.

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Raw Food Costs and Information

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If you would like more information on ‘species-appropriate’ feeding, please let us make you an appointment to see one of our nutrition advisors.

Our Total Care Plan is a unique health care programme specifically designed around species-appropriate feeding and health maintenance.

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"Raw meat diet for both cats and dogs which is the best choice for them (instead of the standard "vet diet" of highly processed pet foods). Delighted!"
Mojca Henigman