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Wylie's has been caring since 1908. Wylie's is an independent veterinary practice with 2 locations, the Wellness Centre is based in the heart of Brentwood. We treat dogs, cats and small pets, offering general and specialist services such as acupuncture, laser therapy, physiotherapy and a pain clinic. (Did you know a high % of cats and dogs are in pain but do not show it?) We also offer routine appointments, vaccinations and health checks including a monthly payment plan for all your preventative needs, nutritional advice, and surgeries at the Wellness Centre.

High-quality food is at the heart of good health so we stock an extensive range of sustainable species-appropriate raw frozen, tinned and dry diets for your pets. We also stock many accessories that have all had the Wylies stamp of approval to fulfil your pet's needs

Should your pet need after-hours care or specialist treatment, our veterinary Hospital is open 24 hours and 15 min away in Upminster.

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The Wylie Wellness Centre

Address: 40 William Hunter Way, Brentwood CM14 4WT
Phone number: 01277 584470

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm

How to find us

By Bus
498 to Sainsburys
48 to Wilson's corner (5min walk)
351 to High street (3min walk)
434 to North Rd (5min walk) 9 to High street (3min walk)

By Tube
Elizabeth line to Brentwood station (15min walk)

By train
Brentwood station (20min walk)
Shenfield station (20min walk)

By bike
5 miles from Upminster via Thorndon country park or Harold wood Park
6 miles from Billericay
1 mile from Shenfield

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Total Care Plan

A monthly payment plan that takes the stress away from sick pets. 

For one monthly payment, determined by the breed of your dog, we will give you all of the advice needed to keep your pet healthy, with regular check ups that are included in the price.

We will bare the costs of all of the preventive and medical treatment of your animals, so you will never have a standard vets bill again!! We also cover up for £4000 referrals if it is something we cannot treat ourselves. All you need to do is follow our advice and buy your raw food from us at a discounted price of 10% off RRP.

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Wylie Health Circle

A monthly payment plan that will save you money and cover all of the preventive needs of your animal.

Included in this is a 6 monthly appointment with a qualified nurse as we like to see our patients regularly to ensure they stay healthy. We also offer your 10% off neutering, any dental products or procedures and all raw food (fyi - we only ever sell at RRP too making this plan even better value!).

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Wylie pet accessories

We have hand-picked a selection of products that we are prepared to endorse to fulfil all of your pets needs. Our shop is split into sections to help you find the below items:

Eat - Apart from food, we stock bowls, supplements, probiotics, enrichment feeding products such as Lickimats / puzzle feeders for both dogs and cats, plus a full range of raw and dried treats. 

Active - Harnesses (including Perfect Fit), leads, collars, coats and many toys, some of which encourage interactive play to challenge your pets mind.
Wash - Full range of shampoos including a probiotic range, brushes and drying coats.

Sleep - Full range of beds / cooling mats for both dogs and cats.

Come in and speak to us about any of our products!!

Food, glorious food!

We specialise in understanding the best food to keep your pets healthy.

We stock an extensive range of species-appropriate raw meat based food, plus high protein tinned and dry diets for your pets. We can give you all of the advice to use and store safely.   

Click the below Wylie Nourished button to find our top tips on feeding, what food we stock and why.

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"This will be my new vets of choice going forward, without doubt - really impressive."
Matthew Lockwood