Wylie's and the Environment

At the Wylie Veterinary Centre, we are very aware of the influence that veterinary medicine can have on the environment. Our dedicated efforts are geared towards reducing our carbon footprint and adopting more sustainable practices.

It brings us immense pride to announce that we have successfully attained the highest level of green accreditation.

We have designed an environmental policy you can find here.

Our green group meets regularly and looks at all the aspects of our practice to find more sustainable ways.

Examples of changes we have already implemented are:

  • Improvement of our recycling processes
  • Stop the use of certain anaesthetic gas and Introduction of low flow anaesthesia  to reduce our emissions
  • Replaced our toilet paper with bamboo paper
  • Reduction in plastic waste and single use consumables
  • Investment in new autoclave to reduce energy consumption
  • Replacement of lighting for more sustainable LED across the building
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Assessing the sustainability of our supplier's processes
  • Monitoring our energy consumption and switching to sustainable sources
  • Opting for remote cpd when possible
  • Reduction of the frequency of our order and number of suppliers
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Use of fabric whenever possible instead of single use
  • Digital recording of hospitalisation details to reduce paper use
  • Removal of all sprays and cans
  • Made our garden and surrounding more bee-friendly