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Raw Food Facts

We have curated a list of frequently asked questions from our clients.
Click on the questions below for a video from our raw feeding expert Richard Doyle.

The facts behind feeding raw
Why feed raw?
What are the health benefits of a raw-based diet?
What are the most common issues you see from not feeding a meat-based diet?
Is raw food safe?
Where does the meat come from?
Can I buy raw meat from the supermarket

Before transition- getting prepared
Should I try my dog/cat on raw bones first?
My cat licks the jelly off the commercial cat food and leaves the meat. Is there any point in trying raw?
How should I transition my dog or cat?
How much raw food should I feed my dog?
For the transition, what flavours should I feed my dog or cat?
If my dog or cat doesn't eat, when should I give up trying to feed raw?

During the transition, is it normal for my dog or cat to drink less?
During the transition, my dog/cat seems ravenous. Is this normal?
During the transition, my pet's poos are much smaller and of a different colour, sometimes crumble. Is that normal?
During the transition, is it normal for my pet to have diarrhoea?

Post transition
How long from transition until I see some health benefits?
Should I vary what I feed my dog/cat?
Some food state complete and others state that they are complementary - What do I add to complimentary to make it complete?
How do I add in what's needed to a complementary meal?
Do cats need veg?
When should I introduce bones into a raw-fed diet and from what age?
What are the best treats (instant rewards) to support a raw diet?
Should I intermittently fast my dog?
Why is it easier for dogs to lose weight on a raw diet?
How should I handle raw pet food?
What should I do if I go on holiday and the people looking after my animal will not feed raw?
What are the associated costs of feeding my animals raw?