Benefits of a meat-based diet

Studies consistently show the benefits of feeding meat-based food to dogs and cats:

  • Improved coat quality and energy levels.
  • Improved oral hygiene and gut health.
  • Improved immune function and resistance to cancer.
  • Much improved management and control of diabetes, epilepsy, bladder stones and bladder disease.
  • Reduced allergies and immune-mediated diseases.
  • Effortless weight management.
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Pro Dog Raw

Pro Dog Raw, create real food for real dogs!

They use ONLY fresh, human-grade, British Farm Assured, DEFRA approved meat and offal with ground bone, complemented by seasonal veggies, superfoods and oils for extra nutraceutical value.

Paleo Ridge

Paleo Ridge Raw is an award-winning family-run working dog food business based in Hampshire.

Their aim is to consistently provide outstanding quality products/With a dedicated and passionate team of very experienced industry professionals, Paleo Ridge ensure that all meat sourced is high-welfare, ethically-sourced and raised to the highest standards through sustainable farming.

Country Hunter

A range of complete and balanced bite size nuggets provide easy to serve, ice cube sized nuggets that you simply need to count into your dog’s bowl. When frozen, leave to defrost (overnight or for around 2hrs) and then simply hand the bowl to your dog, it’s as simple as that.

Easy to serve complete and balanced, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, contains natural glucosamine and chondroitin, omega 3 & 6 to maintain healthy joints, bones and shiny coat and Grain Free!

Natures Menu

Combining complete nutrition with flavour some recipes, Natures Menu is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Whether you own a dog or cat, Natures Menu offers a specially formulated diet to support digestion and internal systems and functions.

Comprising only the finest portions of meat and fish, a vital protein source for promoting growth and development, and balanced, natural nutrients for nourishing and protecting. Wholesome, palatable and balanced to accommodate the dietary needs and preferences of your pet, reassuring you in the knowledge that it is consuming a healthy diet just as nature intended for them.

Natural Instinct
- Dog and Cat

By feeding your dog or cat Natural Instinct raw food, you can be confident that they are getting all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins they need to live a healthy and active life.

Made using 100% British meats and the freshest fruit and vegetables choosing a natural Biologically Appropriate Raw Food(BARF) diet, gives your faithful friend food they will enjoy and deserve.

Naked Dog

First rule of Naked Dog: They don’t mess around with the ingredients. They use only the finest raw ingredients in all of their products, so each and every meal is not only enjoyed but has all the benefits of a balanced and nutritious, natural healthy diet.

Each and every Naked Dog meal is focused on what’s right for the wonderful dogs of this world, giving them exactly what they need. There’s nothing to hide in any of these meals, that’s why they're Naked!

Bella and Duke

Let’s hear it for the cats!

Wylies have not forgotten about your feline family, they are just as important to us as the dogs.

With that in mind, we hunted high and low…cat style, to bring you the very best in raw cat food that we could find.

We chose, Bella & Duke. We love them and we are confident that your cats will love them too if you let them!

Why choose Bella & Duke raw cat food?

Every single ingredient in Bella & Duke cat food is included for a specific reason. No one single ingredient is added to bulk out, preserve the food or simply to plump profits.

A winning blend of organ and muscle meats deliver nutrient-dense healthy proteins, bursting with vitamins and minerals. A bone broth adds palatability and full-spectrum essential amino acids for joint protection, glossier fur and healthier skin.

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