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Why we created Wylie Nourished

Few people would argue that good food leads to good health.

What we have seen, in nearly 20 years of advocating wholesome raw food for dogs and cats, is clear health benefits in our patients fed this type of food.

Of course, quality varies from brand to brand and so with our clinical experience and knowledge of the marketplace, we feel that the time is right for us to offer our clients and their pets an exceptionally high-quality, raw brand that we feel proud to carry our name.

Why use Wylie food?

We believe it is the BEST QUALITY food on the market

We only use WHOLE FOOD ingredients

The meat is REAL MEAT - muscle meat, raw meaty bones and nutritious offal

We do not use FILLERS such has rusk or fur, hooves, or horns

We do not use PREMIXES of vitamins, minerals or other additives

The chubs are SAFETY TESTED once they are produced, unlike other manufacturers who only test the ingredients

The ingredients are LOCALLY GROWN from sustainable sources

We demand a high level of ANIMAL WELFARE from our suppliers We only use fully RECYCLABLE packaging materials

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