Wylie Wellness Centre Brentwood

We are the Wylie Wellness Vets!

Everything we do in our Wylie Wellness centre, Brentwood Essex is aimed at helping you to keep your pet healthy – from the beginning.

Why? Because when our pets are happy and healthy, we get the full benefit of that very special human-animal bond every animal lover understands. That was Stuart Wylie’s purpose in 1908 and it is still our purpose today.

Our Wylie Wellness Centre is based in Brentwood, Essex (opposite Sainsburys). From the colour palate, to the lighting and display units, we’ve tried to create an environment that is spacious, relaxing and stress-free. You’ll notice its not a mini-surgery!

Our qualified Veterinary and Nursing staff are on hand to offer health checks, vaccinations and advice on nutrition, behaviour management, Wylie-endorsed pet accessories and Health Plans. There is a wide variety of food and merchandise available to purchase – everything we sell has the Wylies stamp of approval.

And of course,dog grooming! Who can resist the glamour and sophistication of our dog grooming salon,Brentwood Essex?! We are proud to advise that the dog grooming products we use are natural and not tested on animals.

The Wylie Wellness Centre takes the health of our staff, clients, patients AND our environment seriously. So, we are removing plastic carrier bags, going almost paperless and have taken this opportunity to be a re-filling station for all shampoo products to help reduce waste.

Our friendly team are always on hand for guidance and support.

Wylie-endorsed pet accessories 

Finding the right collar, harness, bed or cooling coat for your dog is very important. These items need to be well made, fit for purpose and above all, safe. We have hand-picked a selection of products that we are prepared to endorse.

If this is as important to you as it is to us, please allow our trained staff to help you make the right choices for your pet.

Come in to the Wylie Wellness Centre, Brentwood,Essex and have a coffee with us whilst we go through some options with you.

Food, glorious food!

We are staunch advocates of feeding meat-based food to our carnivore pets! Seems obvious, but it’s not!

Our clinical experience of recommending meat-based food for dogs and cats, in our veterinary hospital, Essex over the last 10 years, has shown us that there are significant health benefits to this approach. We believe that meat-based nutrition is a fundamental part of keeping dogs and cats healthy. For this reason alone, you will find a large selection of meat-based food in our Wylie Wellness Centre, Brentwood Essex.

We are able to offer you an exciting wide range of raw meat diets as well as steamed, freeze dried and cold pressed versions to help you find the best diet to support your pet’s health.

Another good subject to discuss over a cup of coffee!

Wylies, offering support and guidance since 1908!

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