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Whizz your way through the firework season – 7 helpful hits to help keep your pets calm

July 15, 2019

With gloves at the ready and sparklers in hand, firework season is almost upon us. Fireworks are no longer just for 5th November and often last for the entire month and then start again on New Year’s Eve.

Although often pretty to look at, the large amount of noise and bangs they produce are frightening and scary for our domesticated pets and bonfires are particularly dangerous to any wildlife that might have taken the time to hide among the twigs and leaves.

Whist some dogs are simply not bothered by the fireworks others are quivering wrecks!

Signs of anxiety in dogs include:

Barking, Chewing, Digging, Drooling, Flatulence, Hiding, Pacing, Panting, Trembling, Trying to escape, Urinating or Defecating.

In some cases anxiety can even lead to aggression in dogs. There are lots of things that can be done to ensure your pets safety but also make it a less scary for them to.

Den Building – make your dog a little area that he/she can hide in if they want to, this could be a dog create with a cover over the top, somewhere that they can have access to all times, maybe place a bed in there or a favorite blanket.

Make it dark – pull curtains and close windows to stop any flashing lights being seen, make sure the TV is on or music to offer some distraction.

Walkies – only walk your dog in daylight, and ensure all cats are in before darkness.

Don’t Jump! – Never tell your dog off for being scared, this only makes them think there really is something to be scared of,  Comfort them only if that’s what they want, if not leave them alone.

Relax! – Start using Adaptil plug in and/or Valerian a week or so before the fireworks begin.  Book an appointment with one of our nursing team to discuss the best options for your dog.

Adaptil is a product that is often recommended to help dogs overcome stressful situations, it comes in a collar, diffuser or a spray and it releases appeasing pheromones, similar to that of a bitch once she has had her pups to reassure and comfort them. https://www.adaptil.com/uk/What-Causes-Stress-in-Dogs/Dogs-and-fireworks  Valerian is a plant based product that can be used for both dogs and cat and gives an overall calming effect. Valerian in dogs should be started a couple of weeks before the fireworks start to get the maximum benefit. For cats the valerian powder can be sprinkled near where they sleep and it usually works almost instantly.

Don’t jump yourself – try and not let the fireworks bother you, if you jump due to a loud bang, your dog is more likely to feel worried

Having your pet microchipped with up to date details is a must, although dogs have to be microchipped by law, cats don’t however dogs and cats will often run if spooked by a large bang from a firework

Rabbits and guinea pigs can also be worried by the lights and noise of fireworks. Give them plenty of bedding to hide in and cover any outdoor cages to prevent them seeing the lights. Where possible bring them indoors away from loud bangs. Additional information on keeping your pet safe during the firework season can be found at


If you are worried about your pets during this time please get in touch for advice and support.