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In-patient Care

October 11, 2019

The Wylie Veterinary Practice has three fully air conditioned wards, which include separate dog and cat wards, isolation facilities and vivariums suitable for exotic species. We also have incubators to provide heat or oxygen.

Our well-equipped veterinary practice has numerous infusion pumps that ensure accurate fluid administration, and syringe drivers for the constant rate infusions of medications.

All of our dog vet kennels have padded bedding. Environmental noise is also reduced in order to maximise patient comfort and minimise stress. Cat and dog wards have pheromone diffusers according to the species of animal, to help promote a calming environment.

Our compassionate and meticulous veterinary nursing services ensure all the pets at our veterinary practice receive a high standard of care from our dedicated hospital staff. There are two ward vets, four veterinary nurses, and two ward assistants per day who are solely responsible for your pet. This enables consistent, individual pet care and allows us to become familiar with each pet’s particular character and condition.

At the Wylie Veterinary Centre, there is a central nurses’ station that allows observation of all the hospitalised patients. It is from this central nurses’ station that we provide you with updates on your pet. Our friendly vets will call you daily with a progress report.

The Wylie Veterinary Centre understands that having your pet hospitalised can be stressful, so we encourage owners to visit their pets. Please call the inpatient line to arrange a suitable time to visit your pet. If you wish to bring in any of your pet’s preferred diet, then please discuss this with the pet hospital staff.

Our inpatient line, 01708 251200, is available from 11.30am – 7pm for enquiries.

We provide 24-hour care for all the pets in our care. During the night your pet’s treatment will be continued by our dedicated night team.