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Emergency services

August 30, 2019

Round-the-clock service in our practice for our clients and their pets has always been a key part of the Wylie philosophy. We feel that, in an emergency situation, clients would want to be met by a friendly, competent face in a familiar place. Emergencies are stressful enough without having to drive a long distance at night, with a sick pet, to an unfamiliar destination, to see someone who doesn’t have access to your pet’s medical records!

We are very proud to announce that The Wylie Veterinary Centre will be seeing emergencies at our Upminster hospital 24 hours a day. Anytime you need us, our team are here for you providing the same exceptional service.

Just call our usual number 01708251200 to obtain the contact number of the duty vet.

For any vets who are referring patients, please download and complete this form.