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Tips, Tricks and Recycling


If you have a smaller dog for whom you need to divide your 500g chub into 2 or more portions, the best way to prepare your chub for serving is to:

  • Defrost on the side for 2 hours
  • Then, with a pair of scissors, cut off both metal clips (place the scissors behind the clips)
  • Then slice the plastic sleeve, long-ways, down the middle of the sausage
  • Take hold of the plastic at both ends and roll the chub out of the plastic and into a tupperware container
  • Place the tupperware in the fridge to continue defrosting 
  • The chub can then easily be portioned
Check out our ‘How To’ video


The frozen chubs can easily be stacked in your freezer - they take up 20% less space than traditional tubs/cartons


The plastic sleeves are made from Podanfol, a form of recyclable polyamide (plastic)

Check-in with your local council to see if they can go in your household recycling, otherwise large chains such as Sainsbury’s, M&S, and Tescos will take these sleeves back for

Before any packaging that has been used for food can be composted down or recycled, it must be cleaned and disinfected. This is particularly important for raw food packaging

Our plastic sleeves can either be put through the dishwasher, using a hot cycle, or be cleaned in your sink with a little boiling water to remove the loose bits of raw meat and disinfect the plastic before drying and recycling

The metal clips are 99% aluminum and can be recycled with tin cans

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Raw Food Facts