About us

Welcome to the Wylie Veterinary Centre, a friendly, professional and caring family-run veterinary practice that has been treating pets for more than a century!

Our main animal hospital is located in Upminster, Essex. Driven by an ethos to put prioritise the health and wellbeing of the animals in our care at all time, all of the staff at the Wylie Veterinary Centre are trained to an exceptionally high level.

An RCVS accredited hospital

From dog vaccinations to kitten neutering, high quality post-operative pet care to general vet advice, all of the services we offer are delivered to the highest of standards. Affirming our commitment to provide only the highest standards of veterinary care, is the fact the Wylie surgery is certified as an accredited hospital by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the highest level attainable by a private veterinary practice.

Our ethos

The Wylie Veterinary Centre is centred on an ethos driven by the health, harmony and fulfilment of our patients. These central beliefs are what the decisions, policies and practices of our veterinary practice are based on.


All the procedures, after-care and vet advice we provide is centred on promoting and maintaining the health of our patients, clients and even out own team.


Being experienced and compassionate veterinary experts, our work is fuelled by creating a mutual harmony with the pets we work with.


Caring for animals, ensuring they are in good health and helping them live happy, healthy lives is a fulfilling job. Whether it’s neutering a dog or carrying out a pet scale and polish, the Wylie team is passionate about the work we do, knowing that we continue to make a wylie-vets-_c2a9429difference, not only to the animals we care for, but also their owners.

Our specialisms

From pre-operative pet care to post-operative pet care, the Wylie Veterinary Centre’s experienced team of vets and veterinary nurses cover almost every aspect of pet advice, care and treatment.

Tailored Care Plans

The Wylie Veterinary Centre didn’t become a leading vet practice; UK pet owners can rely on without good reason. We believe in offering our clients bespoke care plans that are tailored to their pet’s specific requirements.

Consequently, we offer a two different care plans, which are crafted specifically for your pet’s health, wellbeing and happiness.

Nibble and Knowledge Parties

We also specialise in offering pet advice to our clients. Why not join in one of our Nibble and Knowledge Parties? Whether you’re a client of the Wylie Veterinary Centre or not, we welcome you to come listen to our pet experts share knowledge on important pet advice such as nutrition and exercise. Tickets are just £5 per person.

From providing information on the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), which enables dogs, cats and ferrets to enter or re-enter Britain from an EU member state or listed third party countries without quarantine, to providing information on the cost of dog microchipping, our skilled and knowledgeable team specialises on virtually every element of pet care and advice.

Experienced Bulldog Vets  wylie-vets-_c2a9248

The Wylie Veterinary Centre is a Bulldog friendly vets. In fact, Bulldog owners travel from across the whole of the UK for a special Bulldog appointment and we have become known as one of the leading Bulldog vets, UK Bulldog owners can rely on.

We offer corrective airway surgery on Bulldogs, amongst other specialist Bulldog care.

Community work

The Wylie Veterinary Centre team prides itself on being a community practice and a key member of the local Upminster communities. We work closely with local student advice services, primary schools, secondary schools and even pre-schools, giving fun and informative advice on different elements of pet care. From analysing CVs to conducting role play interviews, we also offer advice and guidance for college and university students looking a job in animal care.

Opening hours

Our veterinary practice is open weekdays from 7am until 11pm for appointments that have been scheduled. We are also open on Saturdays and Sundays for routine appointments between 9.30am until 4.30pm.  The Wylie Veterinary Centre offers a 24-hour emergency service. We do not charge extra for evening appointments.

To speak to one of the team, please contact us today on 01708 251200

We would love to hear from you!

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