Welcome to Wylie Vets

The Wylie Veterinary Centre is a family practice that has been treating animals in the area for over 100 years! Our main hospital is in Upminster and there is a smaller branch surgery in Hornchurch. We are a Certified Nurse Training Centre and have over 50 staff members who are all trained to a high level of competence. Also, our surgery is certified by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – this is the highest level attainable for a private practice. We have a wide range of facilities which allows us to provide a high level of medical and surgical care for all our animal patients.


Would you know if your dog or cat had a heart problem? Lets talk about the heart – so small, so important, so clever, so simple! As this is valentines month, we thought it’d be and a good idea to talk about this incredible little organ that keeps us alive ...