Wylie Health Circle Plus

If you believe in protecting your pet and your family, The Health Circle Plus is a no-brainer!


The Wylie Health Circle Plus plan gives you peace of mind that your pet is fully protected against some of the nastiest infectious disease and parasites that we see, and at a discounted price.


Members of The Wylie Health Circle Plus plan receive:

  1. Annual vaccination and examination with a Wylie Vet
  2. A complete flea and worm prevention programme for the year
  3. 2 complimentary health checks during the year
  4. 10% discount on our range of species-appropriate diets


Paying for the Wylie Health Circle Plus couldn’t be simpler. The discounted costs are spread evenly throughout the year and paid by monthly direct debit.


Need more information or want to join the Wylie Health Circle Plus? Our team at our Wellness Centre is waiting for your call.

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