Transporting your pet

Bringing your pet to see the vet can be stressful, for both yourself and your pet. It is therefore important that the appropriate measures are taken to help ensure the safety of your pet when it is being transported to and from us.

Vet advice for transporting pets

Please ensure when bringing cats to our veterinary practice that they are placed in a suitable cat carrier. If your cat is difficult to catch and get into their carrier then try leaving the carrier somewhere your cat can see it, with the door open, a few days prior to your visit.

You could even try feeding your cat in their carrier or placing some treats inside.

Cat carriers that open at the top are the least stressful for the cats as the vet is able to get them in and out more easily. Putting a blanket or cover that smells of home in the carrier and placing a towel over the top of the basket will make your pet feel safer. At our veterinary clinic we use valerian, which is a natural herbal calmer and can help cats feel more settled.

The Wylie Veterinary Practice has a separate waiting area for dogs and cats. If you are bringing a dog to us, please ensure he/she is brought to our dog friendly vets on a secure lead/harness. When transporting your dog in the car, we do advise that you use a dog seatbelt or crate as a way of restraining your dog while you are driving.

Rabbits and guinea pigs should also be bought to us in a carrier with some of their bedding in. If your rabbit or guinea pig has a friend that they live with please feel free to bring them along too!

If you have any questions about transporting your pet to us, don’t hesitate to contact either the Upminster or Brentwood practice!