Total Care Plan

The Total Care Plan is…

Our flag-ship plan which is a unique Plan for pet owners who value ‘Wellness’ as much as we do and wish to share that responsibility with us.

What you get…

  • All your pet needs in terms of preventative health care. That is to say, vaccines and parasite control
  • Free consultations
  • ALL medical or surgical treatment that may be necessary if your pet becomes injured or unwell – at no extra cost
  • 10% discount on meat-based food

What you don’t get…

  • No excesses when your pet needs treatment
  • No upfront payments
  • No subsequent increase in you monthly payment
  • No dramatic increases in costs as your pet gets older – like typical insurance policies! Costs go up in-line with inflation and market forces

What it costs you…

  • A monthly cost based on your pet’s breed.
  • Your pet has to be under 2 years of age to join
  • Your pet has to be fed a raw meat-based diet. This is because we strongly believe that this is what Mother Nature intended for our carnivorous pets. Our experience as Vets has shown us that they are healthier when fed meat!
  • 3 obligatory, free health checks per year so that we can make sure your pet is healthy. If we find something that needs attention then we deal with it straight away so that small problems don’t become big problems. We do all of this at our cost

As you can see, this plan incentivises us to work with you to keep your pet as healthy as possible. When your pet is in perfect health, you get to experience the full benefit of the human-animal bond which is so special to us all.

This is our idea of how things should be and that is why it is our ‘Flag-ship’ health plan.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to discuss it further then please book an appointment either on-line or by calling 01277 584470 to speak to one of our Veterinary Nurses about our Total Care Plan

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