Puppy for webCongratulations on your new arrival.

Getting a new puppy is certainly an exciting time and after allowing your pup to settle at home for a week, it’s time to start thinking about their vaccinations and ongoing health care which can be a bit of a minefield but we are here to help!

Many puppies that have come from a reputable breeder will have already had their 1st vaccination, health check, parasite prevention and a microchip implanted when they are 8 weeks old. A puppy’s second vaccination is due 2 to 4 weeks after their first depending on their age,  and the type of vaccination given. They must be a least 10 weeks old. When you register with us our reception team will take all the relevant information and give you the best advice for your puppy.

If your puppy has not had his/her first vaccination, it’s not a problem we can vaccinate puppies from 8 weeks of age and implanting a microchip is a quick simple procedure.

At the Wylie Veterinary Centre, Upminster we will weigh your puppy on a monthly basis, to ensure they are developing properly and putting on adequate weight. We can then apply or dispense appropriate parasite treatment. This will be with one of our lovely clinic nurses who are also always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your growing puppy.

It’s now time to start thinking about protecting your new additions health and wellbeing in an affordable way. Speak to our team about joining one of our health care plans, these plans offer preventative healthcare at a discounted rate. We have two different types of care plan available; The Wylie Health Circle and the Total Care Plan, you can pay by monthly direct debit and receive discounts on food and other treatments

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If you are considering getting a puppy but haven’t yet decided we also offer ‘Pre pup’ consultations. Our lovely clinic nurses are happy for you to book an appointment for advice on what to do when you get your pup completely free of charge.