Post-operative pet care

The Wylie Veterinary Practice provides comprehensive post-operative pet care. Once your pet’s procedure is completed a nurse in our pet hospital will contact you to let you know that your pet is in the recovery area. At that time a discharge appointment will be arranged for you to come and collect your pet.

At the discharge appointment a nurse will call you into a consultation room and explain how your pet’s procedure went, discuss any medications that your pet has to take home, as well as home care plans and when the vet would like to see your pet for a follow up appointment.

Obviously post-operative pet care will vary from pet to pet depending on the procedure. That said, there are some basic post-operative pet care guidelines you should be aware of.

Post-operative pet care guidelines

It is not unusual for your pet to be a little sleepy for 24 hours after his or her procedure. You should ensure that your pet is kept quiet and warm. If your cat is usually an outdoor cat, please keep him/her indoors for 48 hours following the operation. This timescale may vary depending on the procedure and if the cat has external sutures or not.

Please prevent your pet from licking his or her wounds as this can cause the wound to become infected, painful and in some cases break down. Wylie Veterinary Practice has a range of different buster collars, as well as body suits, that can help prevent your pet from traumatising their wound.

Post-operative pet food

On the evening after surgery, offer your pet something small to eat. It is not uncommon for pets to be off their food initially, although this should not continue. It is vital that rabbits and guinea pigs continue to eat, and if they don’t, they will need to be syringe fed. The discharge nurse will be happy to show you how this is done.
If your pet has a bandage or dressing on, please ensure that this is kept clean and dry. If the dressing becomes wet, slips and there is swelling either side of the dressing, please contact our pet vet medical team as soon as possible regardless of when the post-operative pet care follow-up appointment is.

If you have any questions with regards to your pet’s post-operative care, do not hesitate to get in touch!