Additional Services

Pets travel scheme

The PETS (Pet Travel Scheme) enables cats, dogs and ferrets to enter or re-enter the UK from EU Member States, as well as listed third countries, without quarantine. Our friendly vets are happy to offer pet advice on the pet passport scheme and other travelling animals. However, it is the responsibility of the owner to …

Annual health checks

Regular health check-ups are important for the long-term health and welfare of all pets. Routine examinations allow us to take a pro-active role in preventative health care. Actual or imminent health problems will hopefully be spotted earlier and appropriate treatment or preventative action taken. We carry out a full physical examination and health check as …

Emergency services

Round-the-clock service in our practice for our clients and their pets has always been a key part of the Wylie philosophy. We feel that, in an emergency situation, clients would want to be met by a friendly, competent face in a familiar place. Emergencies are stressful enough without having to drive a long distance at …

Insurance claims

If your pet isn’t eligible for The Wylie Veterinary Centre’s Total Care Plan, or you feel that this plan isn’t suitable for you and your pet, then we recommend you consider taking out pet insurance. Should the unexpected happen and your pet require veterinary treatment , we at Wylie Vets feel that having a good …


When you feel the time has come to have to say goodbye to your beloved pet, all the staff at Wylie Veterinary Centre are here to support you every step of the way. Coming to this decision can be difficult, but the staff at our veterinary practice will always be available when you need to …

Our policy on prescriptions

Our veterinary practice is able to supply pet owners with Prescription Only Medicines, Category V (POM-Vs). Prescriptions We are happy to provide you with prescriptions for these medicines, which can be filled by another veterinary surgeon or a pharmacy. Legally, we are only able to prescribe POM-Vs for animals “under our care”. To comply with …