Wylie Health Circle Plus

wylie-vets-_c2a8574If you are looking for a comprehensive health care plan for your pet, you may want to consider the Wylie Health Circle Plus plan. This plan provides your pet with the essential requirements to help maintain their health and wellbeing at a discounted price.

Wylie Health Circle Plus gives pet owners peace of mind that all their pet’s preventative health care needs are being taken care of.

The Wylie Health Circle Plus plan provides:

  1. Annual vaccinations
  2. A complete flea and worm prevention programme for the year
  3. 2 complimentary health checks during which we will update your pet’s bespoke healthcare folder ensuring we are up to date with every aspect of your pet’s health and wellbeing.

The Wylie Health Circle Plus plan also enables pet owners to purchase a high-quality, natural diet that is biologically appropriated for their pet at a 10% discount.

Paying for the Wylie Health Circle Plus couldn’t be simpler. The discounted costs are spread evenly throughout the year and paid by monthly direct debit.


If you want your pet to be protected against infectious diseases and parasites and you would like this cost discounted, the Wylie health Circle Plus is a no-brainer!

At Wylie Vets our purpose is to honour and enhance the 3-way relationship that exists between our clients, their pets and ourselves. We believe our quality and cost-effective Health Circle Plus plan helps to achieve this goal for the benefit of all 3 participants.

If you require any further information about how your pet can benefit from joining the Wylie Health Circle Plus plan, get in touch with our friendly team either in our Upminster hospital or at our Hornchurch branch to arrange a chat with one of our veterinary nurses.