Welcome to Wylies!

The Wylie Veterinary Centre is a family practice that has been treating animals in the area for over 100 years! Our main hospital is in Upminster and there is a smaller branch surgery in Hornchurch. We are a Certified Nurse Training Centre and have over 50 staff members who are all trained to a high level of competence. Also, our surgery is certified by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a Tier 3 Hospital – this is the highest level attainable for a private practice. We have a wide range of facilities which allows us to provide a high level of medical and surgical care for both our small animals animal patients.

We believe in Health -not only for our patients but also for our team and for our clients. Everything we do is aimed at being and staying healthy. We place a lot of importance on healthy eating, healthy living and disease prevention.

We believe in Harmony – achieving and maintaining the best of health, for both us and our pets, requires us to try to understand each other, to respect one another, and to work together. We feel this is as true at work as it is in life.

We believe in Fulfilment –feeling we have achieved something worthwhile, and have made a difference.

These three beliefs are the core principles upon which we have built our Practice and our Team. They drive all our decisions, policies and working practices. If these beliefs are important to you, come and meet our team and our Practice.