Alabama rot

Alabama rot or idiopathic cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV) is a disease that was first identified in the late 1980’s in the USA.

Since November 2012, a number of confirmed cases of CRGV have been seen across the UK. It was initially thought the disease only affected Greyhounds, however this is not the case and any breed, age or gender can be affected by the disease. The cause of the disease remains unknown.

Dogs with the disease can suffer kidney failure and/or skin lesions. The skin lesions are typically below the knee or elbow but lesions have also been seen on the face and the bottom of the chest and abdomen. The lesions may present as a patch of red skin or a defect in the skin like an ulcer. Over the subsequent 2-10 days, affected dogs have developed signs of renal failure which can include vomiting, inappetence and lethargy.

It is important to remember that only a very small number of dogs have been affected by the disease. Most skin lesions will not be caused by this disease and most cases of kidney failure will have another cause.

If you are concerned about your dog then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Early recognition of the disease and aggressive treatment is likely to result in the best outcome.