Poisonous Hazards For Pets


Hazards to watch out for

Chocolate Poisoning

  • This is the most common, sometimes life threatening, poisoning that we see.
  • The Theobromine ingredient within the chocolate is extremely toxic to our pets.
  • A very small ingested quantity of cocoa powder requires veterinary treatment.
  • Left untreated can ultimately result in death!

Grape Poisoning

Grapes, raisons, currants and sultana’s can cause renal (kidney) failure in our pets. The toxic dose can range from just a few eaten to much higher quantities. Foods to watch out for include: Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Stollen and mince pies.

Dangerous Foods

Peanuts (including monkey nuts) have been reported to have adverse affects in some pets. Macadamia nuts are also toxic. Be aware of chocolate-coated peanuts!

Onions, garlic, leeks, shallots and chives can cause toxicity, even when cooked.

Mouldy Food

E.g. mouldy walnuts, bread and cheese can contain toxins that cause a rapid onset of convulsions, among other clinical signs.


This is an artificial ingredient used to sweeten home cooking. Also found in some chewing gums and human medicinal products. Can cause hypoglycaemia and hepatic (liver) failure in dogs.

Poisonous Plants

  • Holly and Ivy generally only cause drooling, retching and possibly vomiting. However the holly and ivy used in Christmas wreaths and decorations have been known to cause death in rabbits!
  • Mistletoe and Poinsettia ingestion may result in vomiting and minor gastric irritation.
  • Christmas tree needles may cause obstruction if swallowed.
  • And of course, all year round remember, Lilies are extremely toxic to cats.

(Sourced from VPIS)